Why a crowdfunding platform just for mobile apps?

We often get asked the question “Why do we need a crowdfunding platform just for mobile apps?”. It’s a very good question, and we wanted to spend some time to share our thoughts on this important question. So, here it goes:

No Pre-Sale Proposition: Most mobile apps are free, or at least less than a few dollars, so you can’t make the economic case for the pre-sale, which is what typically helps most crowdfunding campaigns to exceed their goals. On AppStori, users understand the challenges of creating benefits that don’t exactly fit into this mold. We have experts who can help you find the benefIts that are best for you and your team given this unique dynamic.

App-Specific Features: When people think of a crowdsourcing platform, they immediately think of funding. However, there is much more value that a crowd can bring to the app development process. For example, your crowd can be beta testers, they can follow your app’s progress, and they can be early adopters as you hit the app stores. Harnessing this app-specific value can only be maximized from a dedicated community.

App-world Ecomomics: Building and marketing a successful app often requires understanding how to manage your crowd. Getting early awareness and riling up your community for your launch will help you gain a better position in the app store, which will help you get more “eyeballs”, which will help you be more successful. Understanding this dynamic and providing resources that enable this, is one of the value propositions of the AppStori platform.

Service Providers Become your Partners: There is an economic value proposition and incentive for service providers that target mobile app developers to get involved with your app early that justifies them contributing to and “investing” in your idea. Therefore, we go out and target the best of breed providers that matter to our community. This way, they get great and dedicated app developers as prospective clients, and you get deep discounts, and sometimes direct cash incentives to help you be successful. In addition, they offer direct mentoring from experts in their field, which is a hugely underrated benefit.

App Enthusiasts Unite! People with common interests often hang out together. We are going to continue to evolve the platform, not to target the largest audience, but rather to add as much value to app developers and the app enthusiast community. This is why you often see us and our partners at the major App events; because we hang out there too ;)

Of course, there are more reasons, but it all boils down to the fact that focusing on one community, one interest set, one ecosystem, and one value proposition enables everyone involved to reap more benefits than if you targeted the masses.

So what does this mean to you? If you’re an app developer and considering making an idea a reality, think of all these benefits (not to mention the thousands of dollars in cash and services) and get started with AppStori. We think you’ll find it worthwhile.


The AppStori Team