A New Era for Mobile App Development and Innovation

When we started AppStori about a year ago, we had one goal in mind: to create a platform that would help mobile app developers and consumers collectively bring the best apps to market. We chose to accomplish this by harnessing the power of “the crowd” very early in the development process and prior to the app hitting the app stores. In addition to crowdfunding, we added engagement tools including ‘Follow’ for ongoing engagement, beta tester outreach for QA and UX support, social tools to spread the word, and a blog to track progress and communicate with a growing community. Today we announced the next big development in fulfilling our vision, and it’s likely to be the biggest and most impactful one yet.

Millennial Media, the leading independent mobile advertising and data company, is partnering with AppStori to support the creation of the next generation of great mobile apps. Millennial Media will be contributing $500 in funding, and a $500 advertising credit to qualifying AppStori projects.On top of the financial contributions, Millennial Media will be providing a dedicated mentor to help with questions and strategy as developers seek the best ways to monetize their apps, and grow their base of users.

This is a significant statement to the mobile consumer and development community. Beyond the financial benefits that Millennial Media is adding to the mix, they are leading the charge in a shift in the way mobile apps can generate market feedback and support to catalyze successful launches. In an environment where more of the core development functionality is being trusted to cloud and other external providers, and where the landscape is increasingly complex, developers need true partners to help them succeed. We see the support that Millennial Media is providing to the development community as a huge step, particularly as the relationship will begin before an app ever hits the market.  For developers that do not have the big brand names behind them, they can consider Millennial Media a partner from the beginning.

We are delighted that Millennial Media shares our vision, and are excited by the prospect of what relationships like this can bring to developers and consumers of mobile apps. As we end many of our blogs and articles, stay tuned for more…

The AppStori Team